Diet Dr Pepper (12oz / 35pk)

Diet Dr Pepper (12oz / 35pk)

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Very few items have remained popular for over a century. The horse and wagon fell out of style for the automobile. Coal-powered engines took a backseat to other forms of internal combustion. Painted self-portraits are making a comeback, but fancy, high-definition photographs are the norm. However, there is one beverage that was established in 1885 and still found in stores today, and that's Dr Pepper®. With this package of Diet Dr Pepper®, you can share this historic drink with your closest friends and family.

What Does Diet Dr Pepper Taste Like?

Each Diet Dr Pepper can includes a blend of 23 flavors. That's right, 23 flavors spread across the board. This includes amaretto, black licorice, cherry, caramel, cola, lemon, plum, prune, raspberry, rum and quite a few more. The secret to maintaining the taste in this sugar-free soda is that the blend is securely sealed in each Diet Dr Pepper can, making it one of the best sugar-free soft drinks available. This is exactly why Diet Dr Pepper properly represents a brand with a history that spans well over 100 years of success.

What Kind of Foods Should You Enjoy Diet Dr Pepper With?

With Diet Dr Pepper, light up your day or night with virtually any food you wish. The zero-calorie, sugar-free drink means you don't have to feel guilty about eating that dessert or an extra slice of pizza. Order out, or make a fancy meal with your significant other. Pouring Diet Dr Pepper over ice is just as refreshing as enjoying it straight out of a chilled can.

Does Diet Dr Pepper make you Tired?

Not at all. It would seem that a beverage without any calories or sugar would lead to feeling tired. The fact is, the lack of calories and sugar prevents bloating, which likely results in you feeling fine and ready to go. The Dr Pepper caffeine content might seem low, but it will give you an extra boost of productivity and focus.

From the Manufacturer

Dr Pepper

  • Nothing satisfies like the rich, delicious taste of 23 flavors. Dr Pepper. The One You Crave.